The Parachute Regimental Association

(Nottingham Branch)

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NOTTINGHAM PRA Branch meetings cancelled until further notice.

Due to the current World wide Covid 19 pandemic the Nottingham Branch meeting nights which fall on the 3rd Wednesday of the month will be closed for the next few months. This is to help stop the spread of the virus to Branch members who mainly come into the vulnerable classification of being over 70 or have conditions which maybe made worse if they catch the virus.

Branch members will be kept upto date via Email and phone and branch minutes and treasurers reports will be sent via Email for members to see, and members will be updated on branch and Regimental related subjects.

If you need to contact Secretary; Brian Williams, Chairman; Kevin Key, or Treasurer; Mark Holding please contact us via phone or Email.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Mark Holding (Treasurer) 16th March 2020

The Newly formed "Pegasus Troop" 1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts

Presentation Evening

On June the 19th 2011 our branch treasurer was contacted by one of the Adult Scout leaders of the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scout group. He told us that the Scout group was hoping to form a Pegasus troop within the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts and was wanting to have a link between The Nottingham Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association and the Armed Forces. It appeared that many years ago, some of the now Senior Scout leaders had visited one of the Arnhem commemorations as young Scouts. The experience had impacted on them in such a way that they never forgot that experience, and now they wanted to honour the Airborne Forces by forming their own Pegasus troop and have closer links with the Paras of today and yesterday. The Nottingham Branch were happy to form such links, who's members had also served as Scouts or Cubs when they were younger.

On Thursday the 13th of October the Nottingham Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association attended a very special ceremony at the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scout Group.

This was to create new links between the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts and the Parachute Regimental Association, and also forming the first and only "PEGASUS TROOP" within the Scouts Organisation. Six Nottingham Branch Association members attended the ceremony including; John Needham, Bill Cumming, Stan Hopkins and his Wife Margaret, Dave Ross, Bill Marshall and Mark Holding.

To mark the occasion a Pegasus Shield and Scroll was presented to the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scout Group by John Needham and a 1.5 Inch Pegasus Badge awarded to each Scout and Scout leader to wear on their uniform.

The Scouts were also awarded their Queens Diamond Jubilee badge by their District Scout leader and as a surprise to all our members who attended, we too were presented with the Queens Diamond Jubilee badge by the Senior Scout leader of the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts, (The Gaffer) Chris Keast. "Many thanks Chris".

During the evening talks were given to the Scouts by John Needham, Bill Cumming and Mark Holding on their experiences as former Paras, with questions being asked by the Scouts. The evening was enjoyed by everyone concerned.

On Saturday the 29th of October 2011 the Scouts will enjoy another interesting day as Jon Baker, curator of the Air Assault Museum at RAF Duxford, hosts them at the museum.

Both the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scout group and the Nottingham Branch PRA look forward to keeping close links with each other in the future and we wish all the Scouts well as they progress through their new "Pegasus Troop".

"Utrinque Paratus"

Mark Holding (Treasurer Nottingham PRA)


1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts visit to the Air Assault Museum RAF Duxford



Image description
Image description

Above: Young Scouts try out the Parachute Equipment and the SLR Rifle for size.

Below: One of the Scout leaders with the Bren Gun, while another young scout assumes the Paratrooper pose with SLR Rifle.
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Image description

Bellow: Left another young scout with the Bren Gun, and Right: Two more scouts with the SLR Rifle, while Jon Baker and Scout leaders look on.

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Image description

Bellow left: A young scout in Parachute kit and equipment. Bellow Right: Senior Scout leader and Scout checking out the museums

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Image description

The new Pegasus Troop, 1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts enjoyed their day at the Airborne Assault Museum and the Duxford Imperial War Museums on Saturday October the 29th 2011. They were able to see, wear equipment and handle weapons in the museum and were hosted by Jon Baker (Curator) and his team. It is hoped that Jon Baker and his team will visit the Cropwell Bishop Scout Group in the future to give more presentations and form links with the first and only Pegasus Scout Troop in the United Kingdom.

Airborne All the Way.


On Thursday the 8th of March members of the Nottingham Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association were invited to the Cropwell Bishop Scout group by the Beavers for a presentation of £50. This was to go to Troop Aid for the purchase of grab bags for wounded servicemen and women.

Back in September Cropwell Bishop held a village carnival and invited the Nottingham Branch PRA to attend and at the same time hopefully raise some money from our tombola for the branch. The leader of the Beavers group, Jackie Dabell, took interest in our Troop Aid grab bag, which we always display at our events, and said that they would try and raise funds for it in the future.

At the beginning of March we had an e-mail from one of the Scout leaders with the news that the Beavers had been busy creating Christmas Stationary over the Christmas period, and had raised enough funds to purchase two grab bags for Troop Aid. We arranged to go along on a Thursday evening and collect their cheque, which we would then add to, and pass on to the Troop Aid Charity.

The night was very rewarding for all. We took the grab bag along to show the young Beavers and Scouts that followed, what the grab bags contained. President John Needham also presented a Pegasus Flag to the Pegasus Scout troop later in the evening, which will be flown at Scout camps in the future. The Flag was presented to Chris Keast the Scout Group Leader, and both the Beavers and Scouts hope to donate more to Troop Aid in the future. During 2011 the Nottingham Branch donated £275 to Troop Aid. This year we will be adding to the donation that the Beavers have given us, and pushing the cause at all our public events, as we feel that the Troop Aid is a very worthy cause.

On behalf of the Nottingham Branch we would like to thank the Beavers and the Scouts for all the hard work that they have put in to help raise awareness and funds for our forces in need.

Mark Holding (Treasurer)

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Jackie Dabell presenting the cheque for £50, which will go to Troop Aid

Image description

Above: The beavers being shown what the grab bag that they have raised money for contains, while members of Nottingham Branch look on.

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Above: A great end to the meeting with the Beavers.

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Above: THE BEAVERS.  Back row Left to Right: (Beaver Scout Leader) Jackie Dabell, George Worthington, Bill Marshall, Bill Cumming, Dave Ross, John Needham, (Assistant Beaver Scout Leader) Elaine Mellor, Mark Holding.

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Above: Dave Ross about to show the contents of a Troop Aid Grab Bag.

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Above: (Cropwell Bishop Scout Group Leader) Chris Keast with the Pegasus Flag, presented by Nottingham Branch President, John Needham.

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Above: The contents of a Troop Aid Grab Bag, and lower right the cheque for £50 from the Beavers of the Cropwell Bishop Scouts.



On Thursday the 29th of March, the Branch president, John Needham, along with the Secretary, Bill Cumming, and Treasurer, Mark Holding, paid a visit to the Cropwell Bishop Beaver Scouts. This was to present them with a certificate of appreciation for the £50 that the Beavers had raised through the making and selling of Christmas stationary. It was then donated to the Troop Aid Charity through the Nottingham Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association. Troop Aid also included a letter of thanks from Troop Aid. It was a quick visit, as the Beavers were making good of the late day sunshine and walking from Cropwell Bishop too Cropwell Butler and back. The visit was an unexpected surprise for the Beaver leaders and the Beavers. We wish them well in the future and hope to raise more funds together.

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Above Right: John Needham presenting Jackie Dabell with "Troop Aid" certificate of appreciation for the  £50 that was raised for their charity.

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Above: Jackie Dabell (Beavers Leader) thanking the Beavers for all their hard work.

Scout leaders at St Mary's Church Nottingham

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Above: Standard bearer George Worthington with Cropwell Bishop Scout leaders at theNottingham PRA Memorial Stone unveiling, which took place on Sunday the 15th of April.

Cropwell Bishop Scouts - St Georges Day - Invite to NFFC

On Sunday the 22nd of April members of Nottingham branch who had attended the Cropwell Bishop Scouts earlier in the year were invited to the Rushcliffe District Scout groups St Georges Day celebrations being held at the Nottingham Forest Football ground. We were invited to coffee in the VIP lounge, followed by seats in the VIP box area. Awards were presented to long serving Scout leaders for their service to the Scouts, and to Scout group members from all age groups. Everyone had a great time, and we thank Jock Shaw, the District Scout leader for his kind invitation on the day.

Image description

Above left: Jock Shaw (District Scout Leader) with other officials giving one of the Scout leaders a special award for long service.

Below: Eyes front, George Worthington and Bill Cumming with members of Nottingham PRA in the VIP Box.

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Image description

Above: George and Bill enjoying the day.

Below: PRA Members and wives in the lounge before the start of the day.

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Cropwell Bishop Scouts meet the Red Devils

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Sunday the 13th of May 2012

On the 70th Anniversary of the formation of the Parachute Regiment the Pegasus Troop, Cropwell Bishop Scouts got to meet the Red Devils at Hardwick Hall. By the looks of the photo both parties enjoyed themselves. 

Pegasus Troop Cropwell Bishop Scouts Annual camp

 Snowdonia National Park

Image description

"Pegasus Troop" on the summit of Mt Snowdon

Early in 2012 the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts wrote to the Nottingham Branch of the PRA to ask if it would be OK for them to adopt the name Pegasus Troop for their Scout unit.

Permission was granted and subsequent links between the Scouts and the Nottingham branch PRA were developed.

The Branch presented the Scouts with a Pegasus flag and a framed write up about the Greek mythological history of Pegasus and how Bellerophon came to be on Pegasus.

A quantity of Pegasus shoulder flashes were presented to the Scouts and the leaders, these flashes are now proudly displayed on the back of the 'Neckers' worn by the scouts and their leaders.

Throughout 2012 the link strengthened with the Scouts and Beavers (6 – 9 yr old) raising money for 'Troop Aid'.

Mark Holding (treasurer) and Bill Cumming (secretary) of the branch with other branch members in support, attended at the memorial hall in Cropwell Bishop to be presented with the cash raised for Troop Aid and where Mark Holding gave a demonstration of the contents of a Troop Aid 'Grab Bag' to the Beavers and the Scouts.

Dave Ross, a member of Nottingham Branch PRA extended the link further by becoming a leader at the Scouts teaching field craft, survival skills, BASHA building and map and compass skills at the unit and at several weekend camps with both Beavers and Scouts.

Traditionaly all Scout Leaders are given a knickname by the youngsters and because at every camp Dave produced a 'Dog Bowl' out of his Para Bergan to eat his meals, he was quickly christened 'Dog Bowl Dave'

Pegasus Troop has also attended during 2012 in support of the Airborne Forces Day Memorial at Hardwick Hall where they were photgraphed with the Red Devils, The un-veiling of a Memorial Plaque to Local Paratroopers in St Mary's Church Nottingham and (Chiefy) attended as a representative of Pegasus Troop at the Sgt Michael Willetts GC Memeorial at Blidworth Church.


In his capacity as a Leader at Pegasus Troop Dave went on camp for a week in Wales in August this year and apart from activities such as a visit down a Copper Mine, a ride on Ffestiniog Railway, Riding inflatable RIB speed boats at sea and Beach Olympics, the Troop Tackled Mount Snowdon (see photos of Pegasus Troop Flying the Flag) but by far the hardest task of the week was trying to pronounce the name of a place they visited:



Leaders who attnded the camp were: Jock Shaw (DC for Rushcliffe), Steve Heffernan (Skip - Troop Skipper), Mick(Tricky Mickey) and Abi Beazley, (Chiefy), Dave Ross (Dog Bowl Dave).


The week ended on Friday evening with a Hawaiian beach party at the camp, with food and soft drinks. The dress code for the evening was Hawaiin style loud shirts and sunglasses or similar.



Dave Ross ( Dog Bowl Dave)



Cropwell Bishop Beaver and Cub Scout Presentation


The Branch has had a link with the Cropwell Bishop Scout Group for almost three years. The Scout Troop already had the honour of being the first Scout Troop in the Country to be titled Pegasus Troop, and all wear a small Pegasus flash on the backs of their neckerchiefs. Tonight’s special occasion was to roll out this honour to the other younger troops of the group. This included the Beavers and the Cub Scouts. Each of the Beaver and Cub Scouts were presented with their new Pegasus Patch and this was also included to their troop leaders. A cheque was also presented by John Needham (President - Nottingham PRA) for the sum of £200 for the use of the troop.


Image description

Above: Members of Nottingham Branch of the Parachute Regiemental Association with the Beaver Scout Pegasus Troop, after their presentation.