The Parachute Regimental Association

(Nottingham Branch)

Charity Number: 1124238

NOTTINGHAM PRA Branch meetings cancelled until further notice.

Due to the current World wide Covid 19 pandemic the Nottingham Branch meeting nights which fall on the 3rd Wednesday of the month will be closed for the next few months. This is to help stop the spread of the virus to Branch members who mainly come into the vulnerable classification of being over 70 or have conditions which maybe made worse if they catch the virus.

Branch members will be kept upto date via Email and phone and branch minutes and treasurers reports will be sent via Email for members to see, and members will be updated on branch and Regimental related subjects.

If you need to contact Secretary; Brian Williams, Chairman; Kevin Key, or Treasurer; Mark Holding please contact us via phone or Email.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Mark Holding (Treasurer) 16th March 2020


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Derek at Maider barracks Aldershot
Derek 3rd from left Aldershot

Above: (Left:Derek Smith at our recent fund raising event at Tesco, Bulwell). (Centre: Recruit cadre Maider Barracks Aldershot) (Left: Derek 2nd from the right with recruits at Maider Barracks Aldershot)


Meet Derek Smith Ex 1 PARA.

Derek is a very active member of the branch and has been a member of the branch for over 30 years, when we were based at the Queens Hotel in Nottingham.

Military Service

Derek served with 1 PARA between 1956 and 1959. As all Para's of the time, he was trained at Aldershot, and he earned his wings at RAF Abingdon during 1956.

Derek served in Cyprus, Malaya, Malta, Denmark and Germany through out his time with the battalion.

Derek also went on to pass the 22 SAS Selection course at Hereford, where he also did more jungle training.


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Above: (Terry at our recent fund raising event at Tesco, Bulwell).


Meet Terry Duke Ex 2 PARA

Terry is a long standing member of the branch with over 30 years of membership. In the past Terry has served as our Standard bearer, as well as the position as our Branch Secretary.

Military Service

Terry served with 2 PARA between 1962 and 1968. He spent time with both support Company, as well as A-Company and D-Company. His service took him on exercises to Germany, Kenya, Oman, Bahrain, Singapore and Malaysia, and he saw active service in Aden and Borneo.


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Above: Dave Ross Nottingham branch PRA


Meet Dave Ross:  Ex 16 Company (Pathfinders)

Dave is a long time member of the branch and has become very active recently with our branch fund raising events. Dave is a proud former member of 16 Coy Pathfinders and has three Son's, one of them Andrew Ross is now following in his Fathers footsteps as a Soldier and going through the recruitment stage at Catterick with the Rifles, Andrew hopes to go on to pass P-Company and join the Airborne Forces like his Father.

Military Service

Served with 16 Ind Coy - Pathfinders 1979 - 1984

During my service 16 Company was trained in the role of Anti-Tank (Tank Busting) and was practised in night time deployed by parachute onto the boarder area of West/ East Germany during the 'Cold War'. This was preparation in the event that Russia attacks with it's tanks in a move against Europe. The brief was to Parachute onto pre-dug positions and delay the enemy so as to buy Europe the time to mobilise it's forces.


We were briefed, "Gentlemen It is not about winning but how slowly can you loose".

The briefing continued " You all have a 24hr ration pack and as such you have twice the amount of food that you will need. That is because from the moment you engage the enemy you life expectancy will be approx 10 hours - Europe is relying on you to buy her time".


Film showing P.R.A Members during remembrance Sunday 2001

Remembrance Sunday 2001 Members of Nottingham branch take part in the Parade including; Dave Ross, Michael O'Connor, Patrick Riley and Karl Purcell.